If you’re a MapleStory fan who was worried that Nexon would neglect the original title after launching its new and shiny sequel, MapleStory 2, don’t fret. Nexon has kept up with the updates so far this year, and this month will see the release of a new Explorer Bowman class, the Pathfinder, as well as other improvements to the venerable free-to-play MMORPG.

You can jump into the game starting June 12 to start pre-creation on your Pathfinder, who is “enchanted by ancient relics” and charges up a Relic Gauge to unleash devastating attacks. Between June 12 and July 23, one new character per account will gain three levels when leveling up, so you quickly get your Pathfinder up to the higher levels of the game.

Also coming in the next update are the Adventure Island activities, including Adventure Bingo, Maplerunner, Reverse Battle and more. Various improvements are also on tap, such as tutorial and job advancement quests refinements, better rewards for low-level dungeons, job skill revamps, and a new dungeon for levels 30 to 59, the Secret Forest of Elodin.

The next update goes live on July 24. Learn more about all that’s coming on the MapleStory site.

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