WildStar’s latest update is live, bringing with it the Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer race/class combos developers promised a while back. Along with a variety of other content new content and updates — muti-queuing, cross-faction instances, race and gender changes, and more — the race/class combinations are now available to players. However, they are going to cost you real-world cash, if you don’t want to spend some time farming Omnibits for it.

According to today’s patch notes, the two new combinations “can be purchased and unlocked from the In-Game Store.” These purchases unlock the ability to create the race/class combo on your account, meaning once purchased, you’ll be able to create more than one of that combo.

Currently, both race/class combos are priced at 990 Protobucks (about $12.50 USD) in the shop. Unfortunately, that exact amount of Protobucks isn’t available as a single purchase so you will have to spend at least $15 to get it. That said, there is another way to acquire these two combos, you can spend Omnibits earned in game to get them — 495 for each. This may take a while, so unless you already have a lot of Omnibits put away, be prepared to wait to get your Chua Warrior or Aurin Engineer.

For more information on the new update, be sure to check out the patch notes, available on the WildStar site.

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  1. Another DEAD GAME ! They changed business model to scam people, now u see the result, no one like scammers, game is FAKE FREE TO PLAY GAME with locked stuff only for real cash! Good to know one mor fake is dead!

  2. Letts talk about why Wildstar is broken title…

    1. The combat system is messed up to be able to dodge the attacks of a monster and pressing hotkeys 1-9 is a hastle and makes the combat system clumsy(Means u will try ur hardest to avoid fights and go Ohhh no do i need to kill that aswell?… Remove action bars make the game more point to kill friendly)

    2. Voice overs… nothing anoys me more then reading a text from an npc that speaks random gidderish that has nothing to do with what i read, Voice acting should be about the quest jesus not static noise.

    The game could be good i belive it can be, the thing is u lack to see what the player is telling u we dont want to drive a truck into battle and turn around and press combo 1-9 or get beat to a pulp we want smooth fighting and good relaxing epicness… as you promised when u posted ur devspeak we all looked and waited for a fun title that had good combat and humor…

    Instead we got a pile of shit that moves like an elefant in a glass shop.

    • It cant afford to do what your asking for. Getting good voice actors costs lots of money, especially for thousands of quests and to revamp the combat system? That would cost a hell of a lot for a game that is struggling.

  3. Here come the broke children upset about cosmetic items costing money in their wee little allowance funded world. Always good for a laugh.

    • hiding content behind a paywall kills your game, having a job or not is irrelevant. Yes, you can have a job and just buy it. That’s not the issue here, Mr. I earn 300k a year, get a grip kid.

    • Sure, because hiding content behind a paywall is always a good thing, especially in a game that’s not worth a dime

  4. What the devs from all-around seem to to be unwiling, or unable, or whatever to get into those thick skulls of theirs is that anything behind a paywall is a step backwards.
    All money dealings should be completely optional.
    You can tempt people sure but when tempting turns into annoying paywalls that is where you screw up, every time.

  5. Two new race/class combinations—Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer—can be purchased and unclocked from the In-Game Store.

    Purchase and create level-50 characters, allowing you to quickly add a new alt or catch up to your friends, and jump directly to max-level content.

    This is why it’s a fail

    • Release something behind a paywall? Yeah if a game has to rely on doing that you can tell they aren’t doing to good.


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