If you have a console and dig Wargaming’s titles, today’s a big day for you. Season 5: Flashpoint is now live for World of Tanks on consoles, adding a new season pass with all the usual rewards, including a massive Polish heavy tank, the 50TP Prototype. That one’s available to all players, while players who purchase the pass can also get access to the CS-52 LIS and Edmund Orlik Hero Commander. And, at the one-minute mark of the video below, you can see the Commander Wojtek, who looks like he really needs a shave …

The update as a whole has a strong Polish theme to it, with a new lineup of Polish medium tanks making their way into the game. At the top of the line is the Tier X CS63 with its gas turbine engine, offering a tremendous speed boost to get you out of — or into — battle quickly. Flashpoint runs from now until April 26; learn more about it on the World of Tanks Console site.

Going from land to sea, World of Warships: Legends also gets a new coat of paint today, with its March update going live. The new campaign, “Taken By Storm,” runs until April 12 and offers 100 levels of rewards, with the top prize being the Tier VII Russian cruiser Ochakov, a ship with accurate guns and a wide range of consumables.

The British heavy cruiser line gets a full release with this update, providing enough punch to almost put it in the range of battleships. There are also two new Legendary-tier ship projects in the Bureau, for the American destroyer Gearing and the British battleship Conqueror. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, Wargaming will also make available the cruiser Belfast along with “Pot of Gold” containers that can drop a permanent green camouflage for the Belfast.

Also included in this update is a new American commander, Albert Greaves, who improves torpedo armaments of the his destroyers, and there’s a hint that a “special space event” will be coming for April Fools’ Day. Learn more about the latest update on the World of Warships: Legends site.


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