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Silkroad R is returning to Europe later this month. On August 16th, JC Planet will open a brand new server with the help of Joymax.

As part of the relaunch, JC Planet is offering exclusive benefits for those who use their service and make a character in Silkroad R on the account. These include:

1st – 9th grade +5 weapon of “Seal of Sun”
100,000 skill points
Mileage System: 5% of item price as M-Coin whenever you buy items.

The company has also planned two open events for launch; an attendance event and a Double Up M-Coin event. The former event will grant players 5 M-Coins for logging in 7 consecutive games. On the 14th consecutive day, players will receive 10 M-Coins, equaling a total of 15 M-Coins that will be distributed after the event.

For more information on the new server and the launch events, be sure to check out the official Silkroad R site.

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  1. if a game forced you to bot through to get to the so called “good part” where gear beats skill it it shouldn’t be called a game

  2. This game will always be alive. Maybe not in Sro-R or iSro but there are some decent private servers which really give feel u play an old Silkroad online. The best MMORPG ever.

  3. I invested years in the original Silk Road. Wondering if these R versions have added more quests. Do not get me wrong I loved quests like “go kill 5000 flowers”,repeatable 3 times. That took me a week. I miss Grindroad.

    • Also spent like 3 years in Silkroad.
      I hated grind though so i used to bot all the time, but the pvp in Silkroad was unforgettable experience, trade caravans and pvp over them.. ahh man those days were the best..

      Changed my mind about trying the R version cuz i noticed some “vip” crap in it, looked p2winnish enough to me to dump the idea of trying it.


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