Bungie is making it easier to spend money in Destiny 2. On July 1, the Bungie Store beta will roll out, necessitating a password change for those with existing store accounts. The new store will let players sign in with their Bungie.net accounts, which Bungie said “will make viewing, browsing, and purchasing Bungie Rewards an improved and more streamlined experience.”

The transition means that Bungie Rewards codes for the Vault of Glass Art Print, Descendant Seal, and Splintered Seal will no longer be valid after the first. If you’re holding on to those, make sure to redeem them by the end of the month. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a Bungie Store account linked to a Bungie.net account that has completed the appropriate Triumph(s), which sounds like a hassle.

Also mentioned in the last This Week At Bungie blog was that a bunch of old legendary Destiny 2 weapons are coming back. Bungie is dropping a total of 12 of them on the Moon and Dreaming City. They come from the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions and have new perks, so even if you acquired them in the past, you’ll have a chance at some new options. The weapons re-arrive in an update coming on July 6.

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