New Videos Offer Look At Halo Infinite Campaign And More

The videos cover weapons, the opening level, and grapples… because why not?

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Halo Infinite Videos

Some new videos dropped today, offering a look at the Halo Infinite campaign in action. The videos are anywhere from a minute and 20 seconds to about 45 minutes long. The longer of the videos is an overall impressions video clipped from the GI show cast (If you want to watch that whole thing, it’s there as well.) while the others range from a trailer to a quick look at the opening level to a slightly longer look at the campaign.

No, I haven’t watched all the videos yet. That’ll take some time. I did, however, watch the four-minute video showing off some of the campaign, the new weapon, and the like. That video shows an early base mission in which the player is pushing their way into a base during a large battle. One of the points made is that there are several ways to go about doing this, and it’s all up to you.

As weapons and other items go, the video highlights the grapple. It seems Alex Stadnik and Matt Miller over at Game Informer are rather fond of it. That seems reasonable since it can apparently be used for other things, like stunning enemies. The new weapon in question is the Stalker Rifle. This is described as being similar to the Carbine, with more power, more zoom, and less rapid-fire.

Of course, we’ve embedded all the videos here – minus the GI show, since it’s not just Halo Infinite – so you can see everything shared so far.

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