New World Developer Update Video Offers Look At The Game’s Near-Future

There’s more information on mutators, changes to fast-travel, the umbral update system, and more.

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New World Dev Update Video

It seems New World players really appreciated the last New World dev update video and have let the developers know that. As a result, the team decided to host another dev update for January, although a bit shorter than the last one, and give players a rundown as to what they can expect from the game in the near future. That’s basically the next month or so and what’s currently happening on the PTR.

The video starts out with another look at the mutators system that the New World team has been working on as well as the umbral upgrade system. It also mentions that they’ve made some adjustments to the travel system, adding six new spirit shrines – several of which are located near expeditions that will receive mutations – and reduced the cost of fast travel.

The video also addresses player questions as to why the team decided to add these systems rather than just upgraded gear. The answer is pretty simple. They wanted players to be able to continue to make use of their already-acquired gear. If you’re worried that the new umbral system will make the expertise system obsolete, don’t be. The devs are integrating the two so that upgrading the gear using the umbral system will increase expertise as well.

In addition to the above, the dev update video goes on to answer even more player questions. They spent just a little under 40 minutes discussing the game and what players have to look forward to soon. Of course, the whole thing can be viewed below.

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