New World Introduces Community Convergence Then Proceeds To Troll Its (Dwindling) Player Base

The joke really fell flat.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

New World Community Convergence Trolls Its Player Base

Before proceeding to completely troll the New World player base, the devs took time this week to introduce Community Convergence. This event will take place from May 13th through June 3rd and is full of contests, player spotlights, XP bonuses, and special players' choice Twitch drops.

New World Community Convergence Week 1

You can follow New World on X, Instagram, and Discord in order to take part in each platform's contest each week. This week you can show off your favorite outfit for a chance at 100,000 Mark of Fortune and 5 Transmog Tokens. Follow on X to vote for the weekly Twitch Drop cache.

And now on to the trolling.

As we've previously discussed, there's a growing frustration among the MMORPG's fans surrounding the next big update. As player numbers on Steam continue to dwindle, the next big announcement has been pushed off until June at the Summer Games Fest. Players are already not happy about the wait, especially since the update's contents seem to have been decided months ago.

Fast-forward to today's Forged in Aeternum where Live Lead Katy Kaszynski seems to spill the beans on everything coming in the June update. Well, except for the fact that they blur out her mouth and play music over her voice every time she talks about something from the upcoming announcement. New World fans have not responded well to the trolling, so much so that Amazon Games has had to release a statement.

"The intention of the interview was to poke fun at ourselves. However, the impact is clearly not what we aimed for. That's on us. Next video we put out will be 100% focused on all of the things you want to hear."

"That said, we do hope everyone does recognize that while most of the interview is censored, the duration of the discussion was actually concerning the update. There's a lot coming. And we all wish we could say more."

The video is currently sitting at 74% dislikes and is full of angry comments from New World fans.

I get it, they were trying to have a little fun, but the problem is you have a very frustrated and very concerned community right now who are scared of the player numbers we're seeing for New World. Obviously now wasn't the time for levity of this nature judging by the reaction from the vocal folks.

Here's the video if you have nothing better to do for 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

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Flintstone 5 days ago
I think any game that becomes player controlled wont have full capacity ever. not one player likes power play bullies & high level rulers or basic game fun destroyers.
This sort of game, AND play, ends up with people who want this so there are the ones left running trying to run the place, you know like putin and his gangs.
There are quiet a few games out there running on empty because of this problem that the game imputed into play. Power over the weak or just keep suppressing( another example of putins tactics) when having that power.
Which today doesn't make a good game.
So... therefore very few players

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