New World Acknowledges Player Frustrations In Latest Q&A, But We're Still Waiting Until June To Alleviate Them

Wait till June. Wait till June. Wait till June. It's infuriating at this point.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor

New World Forged in Aeternum 88 Q&A

New World isn't giving the answers players want to hear right now and, as stated in this week's Forged In Aeternum Q&A, it's creating frustration within the player base. Within the community, whether it be X (Twitter), Reddit, or other social media, that frustration is palpable.

I'm frustrated as well as I watch player numbers continue to dwindle and major updates continue to be riddled with bugs. Season 5 was a mess, but that's just par for the course for the MMORPG and Amazon Games seems unable to stop it from happening. I lost count of how many times the word "frustration" was brought up during this week's Community Q&A.

This week's Q&A isn't much different, although there were some interesting insights into the future development cycles of New World.

First off, don't expect a Q&A in May, as the answer to every freaking question asked is basically "wait till the June announcement", the same answer they've been giving for weeks now. This June announcement better be something amazing and go beyond the scope of just a console launch. There had better be content, a free-to-play announcement, and even a new feature. All of that sounds like an expansion, but they've specifically said there will be no expansion this year, so my hopes remain very low.

Going forward, the focus will be less on Seasonal narrative content, and those resources will be geared more toward persistent repeatable content. I see the merit in that, seeing as how Seasonal narrative content simply disappears at the end of each season. New World is severely lacking in things to do at the moment, with even existing content like the Sand Wurm still not giving updated loot.

They are working on matchmaking for OPR and Arena, which will surely lead to ranked play in Arena. I'm not sure why they would bother with matchmaking and not do ranked play. It would be an easy way to reward players and give them another sense of progression with the opportunity to reward them justly along the way. But hey, this is Amazon we're talking about, and ranked play may be just a pipe dream they can't actually do without breaking the game.

I know I sound negative about a game I claim to enjoy, but I'm only frustrated because I care, and I know Amazon can do better by New World. There are plenty of older, smaller games out there putting out good content for players at a reasonable pace. New World should be on the list of top MMOs out there, but with the lack of content and the quality at which content gets released, it's just hard to say that right now. I still love you, New World. Do better.

Anyway, you can watch the full Q&A below to see everything they talked about this week. It will be the last Q&A we get until after June. You better come big in June, Amazon Games, for all our sakes.

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Flintstone 2 weeks ago
my frustration about the game is I wish they'd listened to us at launch because they still haven't heard it or dealt with any of it. I prefer powerheads.

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