New World Teams Up With Content Creators For A "New And Returning" Player Guide

Now's a great time to jump into New World.

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New World New And Returning Player Guide

The expansion hype is real. There have been two years of improvements and upgrades to the MMORPG. Now is a great time to either jump into New World for the first time or return if you've been gone for a while. With that being said, New World has teamed up with a variety of content creators to create an extensive new and returning player guide that is sure to be useful to those coming back or checking out the MMORPG for the first time.

For starters, the main storyline of the game has been completely revamped, as have several of the starting zones in New World. Those that have not yet been redone will be receiving improvements in future updates.

The content creators suggest trying out every weapon in the game before settling on a build to get a feel for each one and to help pick a playstyle that is right for you and how you play.

PvP content includes 3v3 Arenas, the 20v20 Outpost Rush game mode, and upcoming open-world influence races to fight for the right to declare war on territories. War is a big part of the PvP as well, with companies and factions fighting over control of the lands in Aeternum.

PvE players can look forward to Expeditions (dungeons), Mutations that increase the difficulty of those Expeditions, and Elite Zones where large groups of players join up to conquer difficult foes and pillage for rewards. There are also constantly different world events that players can take part in.

You can check out the full new and returning player guide on the New World blog.

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