Nexon America, which handles the North American operation of many free-to-play MMORPGs, including Riders of Icarus, Mabinogi, Maple Story, and more, is getting a new leader. MMORPG.com reports that CEO Rich Williams will be leaving the company at the end of the month. His replacement will be Jungsoo Lee, who has a long history with the company and various other developers.

As you can see from Lee’s LinkedIn page, he’s been with Nexon on and off since 2005. As co-founded of iCreate, he “Participated in development of creativity assesment tool: ICREAT (International CREativity Aptitude Test)” for 20 months in 2009-10 and served in various executive roles with SG Interactive/Ntreev USA and Gamevil USA. Since November 2014, he’s been the Executive Director at Nexon America. Overall, he’s spent nearly five and a half years with Nexon, most of that with Nexon America, and overseen live operations of many of its games.

It’s probably a good thing that Nexon is promoting someone from within who has extensive experience with its games. Even better that it’s someone who’s familiar with Nexon America and American gaming habits in general. For news of this type, we often hear about someone from outside the company — or outside gaming altogether — landing the gig. This transition seems like it will go much more smoothly and not result in major changes to the way Nexon America handles its games.


  1. so….they brought in a guy who was an executive in several things that went poorly, and people are optimistic about things not going poorly… i wish i could be as optimistic.

    • Yeah pretty much what I been thinking. They should of looked outside of nexon their new CEO maybe it could of changed things about nexon and make them not suck as much as they do. Maybe they got a good guy who knows what hes doing inside the company and that’s why they promoted him to CEO but due to nexons past history I wish I can vouch for the new CEO but all I can say is let’s hope for the best.

  2. FINALLY A CHANGE IN NEXONS LEADERSHIP 🙂 But honestly I doubt they will change their ways but one can only hope since they are getting a brand new CEO.

    • Also it’s pretty good someone who knows alot about american gaming is getting the CEO title. Luckily they weren’t dumb enough to choose a guy who didn’t have a clue what american gaming is about.

      • American gaming? Seriously? American… gaming? I tried not to laugh. Then showed it to my friend who actually does the promotional content for Treyarch (Black Ops and all that). He tried even harder not to laugh. American gaming. Oh man… best joke ever.

      • Just to elaborate on my comment. Might want to read a bit better, habits dude. HABITS. American gaming… *snicker*. Oh man, gotta close this thread before I die laughing.

    • What they do in the West isn’t far different from their practices in the East. It’s what they say in the Asian HQ that happens everywhere else, it just may get a bit twisted to fit the consumers better.

      Don’t delude yourself.


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