Nexon and WeMade Entertainment are adding a new game to their free-to-play lineup. Riders of Icarus is a new MMORPG featuring aerial combat using flying mounts.

Riders of Icarus is designed by WeMade to make aerial combat the focus of the game while allowing players to collect a wide variety of flying mounts. WeMade Producer Seok Hoon stated in a press release that the company wants “to bring an all-new element to MMORPGs: aerial combat.” He goes on to say:

“There are many games with dragons and other flying mounts, but they hardly ever impact battles in a meaningful and entertaining way. In Riders of Icarus, mounts truly add another level of challenge and excitement, delivering expansive vertical gameplay in addition to action-oriented ground mount combat.”

Mounts include, but are definitely not limited to, dragons, pegasi, owls, bears, and more.

Those interested in checking the game out can sign up for a local server beta test (North America and Mexico) — which will run from Thursday, Jan 28 to Tuesday, Feb 2. A larger closed beta test for North America, Mexico, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand will be announced at a later time.


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  1. I been trying to do the Beta Sign Up, but I keep on getting a weird Captcha error.

    I have ADblock disabled, all script is allowed, and it still gives me error…

    It says “Unknow error occured”
    And if I click NEXT
    It says “Captcha failed. Reload”
    Then I Reload and do the “I’m not a robot” again…
    And same things happen… it’s a never ending loop.

    After a while it gives me a “Too many Request”…

    Guess I won’t be playing this game.

  2. >Flying Mounts.
    >Mounts include bears

    I know that’s not meant to say there will be flying bears…But I want flying bears…


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