Okay, up front, there’s a lot we don’t know here. We don’t know the monetization, although we surmise that because it’s Nexon it could easily be free. We don’t know the website URL yet and the name almost sounds like it’s not the real game name but its “in development” code name. I’m pretty sure it’s the actual name, though, since they’re announcing it and everything.

So, what do we know: Well, according to the press release this is a PvE game with RPG features being developed by Nexon subsidiary NAT GAMES. When it launches, it will be available on both PC and console and will have a sci-fi theme. We also know it’ll be available in “most major markets worldwide”.

The overall game description is pretty much what you’d expect from this kind of game. That means playable characters with a variety of skills, abilities, and weapons as well a battles featuring big bosses. Unfortunately, if this is something you’re interested in, you’re going to have to wait a while to find out anything more about it.

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  1. The game seems as stupid and boring as Nexon themselves are. This is just another poor and lazy attempt at milking the stupid Battle Royale fad and it will die prematurely, that’s because Nexon, as the greedy and incompetent company that they are, aren’t researching what the gamers are looking for, but some pensioners working at Nexon in their 60s heard from their grandkids about Fortnite or PUBG and are now pitching those ideas to the higher ups.

    Nexon had a jewel it was called Ghost in the Shell First Assault and the idiots milked it so poorly, managed it so poorly than 2 years after launch they managed to chase away all their players and shut the game down. It was a classic shooter, a mix between Counter-Strike and Call of Duty with weapon customization with attachments and character abilities like Paladins, it had classic game modes like Demolition, TDM, Conquest and it was a great game, this is what the gamers now want – another classical shooter, kinda like Valorant and Ubisoft’s newly announced XDefiant or whatever it is.

    Nobody wants more of that Battle Royale trash.


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