Nebula is no more. Wait, what was Nebula?

We didn’t know much about it, but Nebula was a game that California-based Nexon Studio was working on. It had a website and everything, with a dreamy kind of look that promised you “the thrill of adventure” and the Zelda-inspired “It’s dangerous to go alone — come with us!” There were a few job postings for the game, as well.

That’s all in the past now, as Nexon has announced that it’s shuttering the California studio that was working on the game. According to, “The team behind Nebula formed last year and have been working hard on developing a prototype and passing the NEXON Greenlight process.”

Obviously, there wasn’t a lot to go on on the Nebula site, and I’ll admit to not having noticed the game before today. But now I’m a little curious about what the project was, with its apparent emphasis on discovery and exploration. Then again, being from Nexon, those might have just been buzzwords to draw us in to yet another standard XP-grinding MMO. We’ll probably never know.

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  1. lets see my guess is the games idea was so over the top that there was no way they could micro transaction the game so they canned it..


    The games cost was much higher than the projected micro transaction sales and they canned it…


    The publisher CEO stubbed his toe and took it out on the new game.

    We will never know.


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