UPDATE: We’ve received an e-mail from Nexon that Ghost in the Shell won’t be debuting first in Korea but will instead go live in the other worldwide territories ahead of the worldwide rollout. A tweet from the official Nexon America account confirms this:

Several outlets are reporting that Nexon will launch its long-awaited Ghost in the Shell Online FPS later this year — first in Korea, then in the West, including North and South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Beta signups are expected for later this spring.

The official site is in Korean, but it does have a date range — April 8-12 — that appears to correspond with a Korean beta testing period. We’ve covered this game as best we could in the past, it’s been a hotly anticipated title for fans of the anime, and it does seem to have some pretty cool gameplay that makes use of characters’ cybernetic enhancements, but it’s a little hard to be too optimistic. It seems like it’s been in development forever, games based on popular properties often fail to live up to expectations, and… well, Nexon.

At least we’ll be able to decide for ourselves before too long if the game is worthy of our attention. I’m a fan, so I’ll definitely check it out. How about you?

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  1. nexon games suck but preview looks like improved global agenda clone and thats good,not played yet so cant tell much more

  2. Would have been better if we got a buy to play MMO instead.
    Just imagine the possibilities with that, you could play as either a full flesh human or a cyborg like Major Motoko that has just joined Section 9 to help in their battles against cyberterrorism and corruption.
    As a human you would of course not be as hardy as a cyborg and any attempts at hacking a system would require you using a handheld device to get inside the systems, but you would atleast not be used like a puppet by an evil hacker or rogue AI because of you lacking cybernetic implants, like the guy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution you encounter quite early on in the siege on Sarif Industries manufacturing plant.

    • ya buy to play mmo with item mall so you still have things you can add onto it hahahahahahahhahahah!!

      so what if you paid $60 we want #MORE!


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