Remember Titanfall, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s big-budget, multiplayer mech-vs.-humans battler from a few years back? Seems like it would be great as a F2P shooter game, right? Well, Nexon agrees with that sentiment and wants to bring a F2P Titanfall to PC… but only if you live on the other side of the Pacific.

Nexon announced the news in a press release today, with President Owen Mahoney calling Titanfall “a uniquely intense game experience” while “leveraging Nexon’s free-to-play expertise to deliver a new and engaging online game.” Considering how EA’s own attempts at F2P have fared, maybe that’s not a bad idea.

The bad news is, F2P Titanfall will only be available in Asia, though, of course, there’s always the possibility that, if it proves successful, EA and Nexon will bring it stateside. While it did decently in the West, Titanfall didn’t seem to have that long-lasting impact that other major shooter titles have had, so maybe a F2P move is just what it needs to rekindle interest. Does it sound like something you’d be interested in?


  1. Oh that’s nice. Won’t be buying their next title because they will just send it to Asia to be f2p. Thought they did a good job for it being their first game. Now they are going to ruin their reputation doing something like this. Yeah I will hold onto my money from now on.

    • The only reason they’re doing this is because buy-to-play games don’t really fly in places like China. They have a free to play cod, battlefield, etc etc.

      It’ll probably be horribly stripped down compared to the original release.

      • That’s so sad, people there have really skewed views on thing, I’d rather buy something once and have everything else for free, than having an all-time free version, which is only partially free.

  2. So what’s going to happen to those who bought the game? Honestly I don’t know whether to be scared or impressed… but probably mostly scared.
    This is Nexon we’re talking about.

    • Just like with all the other titles absolutely nothing :). They have free everything over there maybe its better we just move over to Asia, or maybe just stop buying games over here so they get the idea we want them free also.

      • The business models are usually pretty atrocious over there, though. Not to mention the quality of these free-to-play conversions.

      • That’s because the USA is capitalist. We will never have good free to play titles. Only be $60 titles, day 1 DLC locked on the disc behind pay walls and remakes that are worse then the original. After all we almost never get the good F2P games, and if we do get them. They’re published by a horrific company that is more greedy then EA, Capcom, Activion and Ubisoft.

        • Anyone that is jealous the Koreans get to play for “free” obviously doesn’t know much about Asian F2P games.
          Knowing Nexon they probably took the already sparse unlock treadmill and stretched it 10 times longer, tacked on one of those horrible rental or repair systems, arbitrarily locked certain items and abilities behind a paywall, and added overpowered versions of various items that only available through those scammy RNG boxes.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if unlocking everything would cost hundreds of dollars while the game costs only 20 bucks over here.


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