Another week, another Gigantic closed beta! The next one is scheduled to run from Thursday, Nov. 17 at 9 a.m. PST to Sunday, Nov. 20 at midnight PST, and will be much like previous beta tests: four pre-selected heroes, four random heroes, three maps, and no NDA.

Unlike previous tests, though, progression from the last beta test will carry over into this one, so anything you had unlocked from your play time from a couple weeks ago will stay unlocked. Also, if you’re downloading the game from the Windows 10 Store, you don’t even need a key, making this a semi-closed beta test. If you you want to play on Xbox One or PC and don’t have a key, hang in there — we’re trying to secure more to do another giveaway like we did last time.

You can get full details on the upcoming Gigantic closed beta test on the Gigantic website.


  1. I don’t blame devs for not including beta keys for the windows 10 store. It’s just not worth it due to the way it’s been going since it launched. Microsoft probably thought it was gonna be huge and attract millions or maybe billions of customers but sadly that didn’t happen. Personally I’m suprised this game is launching on the windows 10 store it’s had a rocky start since day 1 since they force you to make a microsoft account just to buy the apps I feel it’s mostly the issue since not everyone want’s a microsoft account.

    • I feel I didn’t need to make this post but I just wanted to say I’m not leaving this site because so many people are begging me to. I’m quitting for personal reasons. It’s why you won’t see me around anymore.


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