Not content to take a long holiday break following the Fortuna launch, the team at Digital Extremes is hard at work creating the next Warframe — and it’s going to be available before the end of the year.

Baruuk made his debut on a livestream last Friday, and DE did something a little different with his reveal. They gave concept art to a dozen fan artists and asked them to put their spin on Baruuk, who is described as a more pacifistic “reluctant hero”-type character — “[like] guys that are really kick-ass but are trying to get past that,” is how Design Director Scott Sinclair described him.

The art show starts around the 16:35 mark of the video, with the in-game engine reveal kicking off at 21:15. He’s got a very monk-like look, complete with cyberninja-style cloth wrap/sash and man-bun. In keeping with his pacifistic nature, his combat skills revolve around mitigating and deflecting damage, but he can “only get pushed so far … and then it’s beatdown time.”

Best of all, you’ll be able to start using Baruuk “before Christmas,” which makes sense. What better time to introduce a calm and serene Warframe than during the holiday season? Just don’t give him too much grief over the dinner table or it might be more than the turkey that gets carved up.

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