Do you love Magic the Gathering? Do you collect thousands of *insert relevant trading card game* cards? Did you ever wish you could play Yu-Gi-Oh like they actually do in the show? Then you may be interested in Combat Monsters.

Combat Monsters is billed as a cross-platform collectible trading card game that forgoes the usual 2D representation in favor of using actual 3D models. Similar to Magic the Gathering, players in Combat Monsters can choose a theme and then build a deck from the hundreds of cards available.

Matches are said to support up to six-players for chaotic action not usually seen in traditional TCGs. Rubicon, the developers behind Combat Monsters have mentioned players will be able to play on mobile devices against their PC companions. Players can even switch between devices and continue playing without interruption.

Graphically speaking, the game isn’t terribly impressive, but remember this is a TCG, in any other TCG you’d be looking at static cards. The game is also obviously meant to be played on mobile devices without suffering a huge performance hit.

One thing that does worry me though comes from the game’s Steam Greenlight description where the developers talk about the game’s “pay what you want” model:

The pricing for Combat Monsters is pay what you want. This is like free to play only more honest! You get a load of cards to play with for free, and can earn more through continued play. This allows you to play the game for a bit (quite a while actually) and decide if it’s worth some coin. If you decide it is, you can buy some booster packs to expand your collection quickly. Pricing for this is still TBD but we intend it to be fairly cheap, especially compared to what our competitors seem to be asking for.

Booster packs work great in real life since everyone is already invested financially, but for an online F2P TCG the entry price point is zero. Whether this becomes an issue or not will depend on how quickly players can collect cards through regular play.

Rubicon says the Combat Monsters open beta is set to begin on August 21st, but may slip to the following Monday if need be. You can find out more details by visiting the Steam Greelight page.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Woot?
    MMOBOMB is doing a great job. Do you even know how hard it must be to do what they do?

    Also the reason for the lack of giveaways ect is because of the game makers being cheap and not because of MMOBOMB and im sure they are doing all they can to give us good things.

    Tbh i dont understand why people complain on free stuff its not like you pay to be a member here šŸ˜‰

  2. Tbh MMOBomb was fun to browse … now it isnt living up to the standards set by its predecessors .
    the giveaways even aren’t that great anymore ….news is just assumptions or stuff that only a few have interest in .
    to the people working in MMO Bomb don’t ruin its reputation cause many ppl before you have worked hard on this site to get it to where it is.

    • MMOBomb places the news on whats new. It could be a piece of shit, they’ll still put it up. It’s fun to browse I honestly don’t see what you’re trying to get across. They have great shows, a giveaways here and there.
      Besides the giveaways are NOT from MMOBomb it’s from the company why do you think in every giveaway it says something like “We at MMOBomb have teamed up with (Insert company here) to present you…..” TEAMED UP.

  3. I can’t believe the news mmobomb has been pulling out of their ass sometimes. No coverage on Star Craft Online, DayZ Witch is going to be a stand alone F2P game, & Nether Online! Get with the program or get some new editors that know about the real deal!

    • first off starcraft online isn’t going to be a f2p title.If it even gets made.Blizzard doesn’t do f2p cause they are to arrogant and think their as of late garbage will never loose paying gamers.dayz isn’t worht reporting cause their is very little to report on.And if nether online was worth talking about then how come the only one thinking it’s worth mentioning is you?


    • Like Golgo said, Starcraft Online is just a mod for SC2 and not an actual MMO. DayZ devs never said it was going to be F2P, they only said they thought about it before going with the normal standalone release style and Nether Online hasn’t been confirmed Free or not.

      You need to realize MMOBomb like all other F2P dedicated sites only focuses on F2P news. If the news happens to be mediocre one week there isn’t anything they can do about it. They still produce original shows and articles to fill the gap.

  4. MOUNTED!!!! Looks really cheesy. Hope it’s browser based no one would waste there time downloading this. Well i guess it looks cool for kids under 13.


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