Dragon Foundry is trying to get its free to play, real time, trading card game some votes on Steam Greenlight. Nova Blitz takes some genre staples you’re familiar with (i.e. use energy to summon monsters and such to deal damage to your opponent to win) and adds in the element of real time. In Nova Blitz, you don’t wait for your opponent to have a turn and then take yours. Instead, both players act simultaneously and try to anticipate what their opponent will do.

The universe of Nova Blitz is ruled by the five Aspects of Energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. Knowing the differences between them is critical — since each Aspect has its own strengths, weaknesses, creatures, Powers, and optimum playstyles.

“With Nova Blitz, we wanted to give CCG fans something truly original to play with. We gathered some of the best talent in the industry — veterans who worked on a number of AAA collectible card games including Magic: The Gathering, L5R, Star Wars, Eye of Judgment, and Magic Online — to create an incredibly polished card game. See you in the Nova Blitz arena,” says Paul Barclay, CEO of Dragon Foundry.

Nova Blitz is free to play in an alpha stage now (link supplied on Steam Greenlight page) and will continue to be free to play when fully released. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. that’s pretty cool i hate when i have to wait for the opponent to make his turn wich takes FOREVER while i always do my turn in like 1-3 secs


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