As part of their continuing efforts to kill off the EverQuest franchise, Daybreak Game Company will no longer make old EverQuest II expansions available for free.

That was the news from the EQ2 forums over the weekend, when a player asked when the expansion Terrors of Thalumbra, which was released in 2015, would be made free. That was the policy for old EQ2 expansions, but that seems to have changed, based on the response that question got from developer Kander:

We will not be adding anything further to the F2P line-up.

To be honest, I always thought handing out the old expansions for free was overly generous of SOE/Daybreak. It was something I was unaccustomed to from other free-to-play MMORPGs, which typically still charge — though sometimes at a discount — for old content.

That said, why change this now? Does Daybreak think it will provide a huge new revenue stream for the game, which at least one usually-optimistic columnist thinks is on a near-irreversible downward spiral? More likely, it will just irritate players and drive some of them away. And neither EverQuest game can afford to lose players at this time.

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  1. Daybreack its not really a dev company, they are a part of an investement company (debt buyer) so they own SOE title by buying there debt.
    So the developement team and server maintenance are really cheap, the goal its to paid the debt and close the game after that, so eq2 server will close soon.

    For sure they will make few bucks if they can (its not the goal of daybreack), but the people aware of this will not buy any Xpack cause the content will be poor and they will lost their character.

    The main goal of daybreack its to close all the SOE game without money lost (debt)

  2. Ouch RIP Everquest, They shot themselves in the foot this time. The game already has tons of micro transactions. Free expansions after a set time was a nice way to give back to the playerbase. Now the game is going to go on life support in under a year. Really loved that game too

  3. I used to play EQ2 but honestly since daybreak games took it over its gone to shit. The creativity direction is all gone, and in its place an attitude of lets release all the eq1 content instead of something new and fresh. Not to mention the plethora of micro transactions


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