A new expansion is on its way for Mad Otter Games’ MMO Villagers & Heroes. What, exactly, the expansion will bring hasn’t been heavily detailed. But, based on the teaser page, whatever it is is dark, scary, and definitely not good.

The teaser for the expansion — Titled “Eclipse” — tells the story of a recent eclipse and its aftermath. This includes the return of the sun, the arrival of a Shaman and the beginnings of a bright new era… until it wasn’t.

Instead, what the eclipse really brought was danger, citizens disappearing (and some reappearing in far worse shape than they were last seen), terrifying visions, and apparently the opening of a door probably intended to stay closed. You see, this door hides a world of nightmares and someone (or something) known as The Fifth Child. Now the entity has returned, and who knows what will happen next?

Of course, this is just the teaser. Currently, there is no launch date or any other information. Mad Otter Games does promise to reveal more… sometime? It seems the way to get some of this information sooner rather than later would to be to sign up for all their social stuff. The links can be found on the announcement page.

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