The balance between male and female character diversity in video games has been a much talked about subject throughout the course of modern gaming. Males often come in all shapes and sizes, from small portly fellows to the large and lanky. Females on the other hand, generally fall into the cliched stereotype of big boobs and an athletic body. Chances are their wardrobe also has some sort of protective design flaw, exposing their mid section.

Many of our favorite games are guilty of this one-sided diversity, including League of Legends whose current lineup of female champions leaves a lot of body types out. For the most part, female champions in League tend to follow a “toned with tits” design philosophy. That’s all about to change according League of Legends producer Omar Kendall, who answered a fan question regarding female diversity at this year’s Comic-Con.

As reported by Polygon, Kendall mentioned it was “something that we’re paying a lot more attention to now” and said the studio was implementing “new strategies for what our champions look like.” These new strategies include adding a new “diversity” category to champion design which takes into account the characters body type and body shape.

The studio plans on making good on its promise to bring in new diversity among its female heroes starting with a new champion who’s “coming out soon (TM)”. Not only will the addition of a new female champion design bring about greater diversity among League’s female roster, game designer Brian Feeney also mentioned it would allow the studio to come up with new silhouettes for heroes based on the new body shapes. These changes in female silhouette design will make it easier for players to identify female champions on the fly, which is important for making split second decisions in-game.

What type of female character design would you like to see added to the roster?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Annie, Kayle, Poppy, Lulu and Tristana (maybe Leona for your armor + shield) from LoL and the others cited from Dota2 are escaping from the female stereotype.

  2. I have something to add to this shit ..

    First il say stop adding skins and stupid stuff to the game and work With the Trolls / feeders game ruiners and so mutch more ADD a system to help and avoid playing with those tipe of ppl .

    Focus on skins and stupid stuff and let blizzard come and take over with Heroes of the Storm ( at least they think about avoiding trolls and so on, with a simple thing “ putting a map with team work only )

  3. Being a girl gamer myself, I find that I like to play the cute, stereotypical female characters. I don’t care for realism or ugly ones. It’s obviously a game just for fun…

    • Being a GuyInRealLife gamer myself, I find that I like to play the cute, stereotypical female characters so I can spank my meat to them. I don’t care for realism or ugly ones. It’s obviously a game just for fun…(and spanking my meat)

  4. I thought they were already starting to go this direction, but what do I know. Anyways, choice hurts no one, so w/e.

  5. The best part is that this champ will probably legitimately be OP because feminists will keep screaming sexism if she gets any needs.

    Never give into femists. Never.

  6. #Suggested by a bunch of ugly feminazis(not feminists) that get offended by every person that looks better than them.

    I also wonder where are they complaining about the bunch of Females-Only Gyms/Clubs in real life?If your fighting for equality you better not be fighting for the one that only satisfies your views/gender.

    So many spoiled politically correct f*cks this day that I can only laugh and not take them seriously.Good for them the Internet exists, for that is the only place they go complaining about things like this.IRL they act VERY differently.

    • Feminazis?Oo Mr.Man with big … and…every girl.I`l tell to you,more than 70% of gamers are Male(i mean boys),if you will see every Man picking male character,how would you feel?Either you are g.a.y or too say feeling cool by having …. in your ass.Why all ppl like you have to be so clever and speak about terms that you searched on google and then,shared here with other bunch of idiots,or to say ARMY of IDIOTS,because that it is,you SPEAK then THINK,instead of THINK than SPEAK.Ok Ok,you`l say other thing like,you are a …. feminazis…and other bad things,but who cares,i mean even if no one of you`r type of human with no brain will not care about my comment,i`l just leave it here for no reason=))…or wait i have a reason,making you going back to earth,because you`r brain is not here:))

  7. “Males often come in all shapes and sizes, from small portly fellows to the large and lanky. Females on the other hand, generally fall into the cliched stereotype of big boobs and an athletic body.”

    O Rly?
    Where are the stereotypes in Zelda? Pokemon? Mario? Are Sonic females stereotypes?
    Nintendo games surely don’t have them.
    Let’s look at Sony. Final Fantasy, the game that’s known for the most erotic male characters. Do you see me going on the street whining that I can never look like one of those characters? No, because it’s a matter of attitude that’s inappropriate.
    Games are supposed to give you the opportunity to be something you are not. I WANT to play a character that’s better at everything than me, that can destroy an entire building with a punch or take bullets without minding much. I like to play good looking female chars too. If you don’t like playing a dream character, a super hero or you would probably call them “stereotype”, then say that you want a character like *input your description* and say why you like to play that character.
    But don’t make up stories about stereotypes and how 90 60 90 is ruining your self esteem. Games aren’t comparable to magazines where models are displayed. You aren’t supposed to feel bad about yourself when you look at a video game character cause he is fictional. That model in the magazine is not. The problem lies in your head, you get offended by minor stuff that isn’t even supposed to offend you.
    It’s a childish attribute of attention seeking when you sulk over things not being how you want them and then cry in an attempt to produce the feeling of guilt and pity to get what you want.
    And that attitude should never be encouraged by affection.

    I would like to see a deformed and fat cripple female champion in a wheelchair. Best would be if the champ did not have any form of make-up, cause that’s stereotype too. And it should not have any hair since it’s oppressive and man-catering for women to show their erotic parts, so I would say a Hijab would fit as headgear. Best would be if it covered the entire face to not show lips or eyes either since they too are erotic parts. Next we should pay attention to breasts, they musn’t under any circumstances be big or recognizable at all so that we reduce the chance for them to be stereotype at all costs since obviously any breast size that is B and above is stereotype already. Best we remove them completely. But what kind of cripple do we make her? Remove the legs, I say. Those are known throughout history to be attention attractors ever since women started showing their legs to make cars stop.

    And now there we go. A breastless, obese, faceless female champion, with no legs, clearly that is what everyone ever wanted to be and to play in a video game.
    And it certainly can’t get any less stereotype than that.

    • Bro I love you for saying what you just said, LOL’d so hard at the end.
      Yet you speak out the truth to it’s most complete form, thumbs up for you mate!

    • Unfortunately it’s not about what you want, games aren’t made to be some little boy’s fantasy any more. If you can’t see just how one sided the majority of games are (especially online games in particular) you are either blind, ignorant, or just being a stubborn troll.

      I’m all for equality in games, and if a game is a Superhero type where the guys are all buff and half nude too – than I am fine with that. But most online games give the male characters full suits of adventuring gear and armor while the females are in bikini armors, and that’s just ridiculous beyond belief. Maybe you’d like to live back in the times where guys were the bosses over everybody and everything, and you’d probably even like to be a slave owner, but times and attitudes need to progress as a whole, even though we have Cavemen like you still to deal with as individuals.

      As I said, I’m all for fairness. If you want to see big breasted females wearing practically nothing, then I want to see the guys in that same game wearing practically nothing too with their big dongs and balls bulging way out. If you’re fine with that then good, we’re in agreement.

      This article is specifically talking about making things equal in a game where they are not equal at all – and sadly most online games are like that. Female gamers are a huge percentage of the players online. I’m sorry that it breaks into what you think is your boys’ club, but these characters are for everybody to enjoy and for people to pick to play who relate to them. They shouldn’t be made for cross dressing males to play to get all excited staring at a fake half naked female figure all day long. If you want porn there is plenty of that online elsewhere.

      There’s not much need to actually argue with you, because things are moving towards equality no matter if you like it or not. Ignorant cavemen like you are becoming more of a minority lately and are going to have to learn to deal with equality in most games that are going to be released in the not too distant future. You and your moronic buddies can go and have all the giggles you want making extreme goofy examples, one day maybe some of you will actually grow up and start thinking forward instead of thinking with just your little heads.

      • Unfortunately, you entirely missed Flevalt’s point. Half of the things you said are statements that do not prove a point at all. Where did cross-dressing males come from? What does mentioning cross-dressers, specifically male, have anything to do with the post? What does mentioning the equality movement have anything to do with this post? That said, you do have some reasonable points too, but you spent half your post insulting him and making yourself look bad.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m for equality too. I hope that we as humans can further progress to equality for both genders. But shooting off insults and irrelevant information does not prove any point nor (by any means) make you sound intelligent.

      • Are you serious?

        I can guarantee you that with characters and Tryndamere walking around, both more scantily clad than any other girl in the League, that it’s not some misogynistic cesspool of males “in full suits of adventuring gear and armor”. You’re not looking for equality, because LoL is pretty damn equal. The girls, at most, are in bodysuits. Nami, who is literally a fish, and Anivia, a giant cryophoenix, are probably the most scantily clad girls in LoL. Everyone else is basically in a bodysuit at worst. There are more scantily clad guys than girls.

        You’re not looking for equality. You’re looking to get your foot in the door and say “YEAH, STRIKE ONE FOR THE NEO-NAZI FEMINISTS”. Get real, rather than insulting everyone.

        “M-m-muh gender inferiority complex” is not a valid reason for any of the arguments you’re making. Riot’s made sure to cater to everyone, because people like you will find any reason to make a complain and start bitching. Real equality would be you accepting that if all the males in LoL are scantily clad, the girls can be, too. You probably want them to be just as powerful, right? Well, as someone said earlier, some of the most powerful beings are a literal Predator, a midget who controls the galaxy or some shit, and void monsters. And they’re all naked, or just about (or in the midget’s case, wearing a thin, 1 cm fabric gown. But hey, you’d complain if any girl got that.)

        Get real.

      • ” Maybe you’d like to live back in the times where guys were the bosses over everybody and everything, and you’d probably even like to be a slave owner..”


      • Earth to the idiot…were did you seen equality and where did you seen female character wearing a Cube on it =)),i mean you want a female character to look in armor type same with male one…lol you think female is same as male,then if was same armor and same wearing as on male…who played female character?You?don`t make me lough,because of ppl like you that argue about something without knowing nothing about games it makes this world bad,just wondering early how many comments like this i`l see,and i usually don`t comment to much because bothering with guys like you that think you`re right its weaste of time.One more thing,if you watch animes,movies with super heroes or at least humans with super powers,you`l see the vestimentation of female characters are not Iron made or Steel…Anyway you`re wrong about one thing,games are made to be different of real world and doing reality in a game that makes no sense,why should i play a game of real life simulator :)) that will be lame,and if you still think i`m wrong,Mr.Brain man STOP PLAYING GAMES!

  8. Wow, these people are so cisgender centric.

    Who said you need to look like a woman to be a woman? A person can look like anything at all, and if they want to be called a woman it is everybody else’s obligation to call “it” a woman.

    Wait, why be so gender-centric anyway?! Who said gender matters? Nobody should care about sex and gender at all. Male and female attributes should be assigned at random. Some predominantly male characters should have a female chest, some predominantly female characters should have a male beard, and some should be completely random. That is the glorious future where all will be happy we should strive for.

  9. Feminists strike again.

    As it is, I don’t even play female champs, except for a few, select few that are basically core to the meta. I’m not going to pick up a female Gragas, because I’d feel grotesque, which I already do when playing Gragas. I’m also not going to pick up a female Zilean, because I see no appeal in it.

    Making a different proportioned design for a champ probably wouldn’t make too much sense, unless you can give it some stupid backstory for why they’re different.

    Gragas and Zilean are literally the only two males that aren’t the same shape as every other champ (give or take Pantheon-muscles every now and then), with the exception of the champs like Cho’Gath, for obvious reasons (and we have Elise and Anivia to counter that kind of stuff). I can guarantee you, that when someone is strong enough to compete on a level with a monk who can kick you across an entire lane, a midget who basically controls time and space with dark magic, and a Predator, you’d better hope that you’re in shape. Because there’s no way you’d be let into the league, anyway, and there’s especially no way you’re a legend.

    It’s completely feminazi complaints getting to Riot, because they have droves of people, like the plague, attacking their company with DURR HURR MUH GENDER, for nothing more than the purpose of “we won!” or “a step forward for females, because disgusting males should go”.

    • Except that its not feminazi “hurrdurrr muh gendor” but more of a general “Oh look, another sex doll to feed doujinshi scene. We never saw that one coming >_>”

      I would love to play a 300lb big booty mama jama just for the sake of it.
      I would love to hear her say “Aint nobody got time for that summoner!” Just for inherint ridiciolous nature of it.

      Please Riot… Please. I can assure you that this kind of character would bring so much controversy trafic I would literally barf laugh for a week.

      • Except that a champ like that would result in feminists flocking in saying something involving males taking a shot at the female gender and laughing about it.

        I would be disgusted by such a champion, too. Especially with such an overused, childish joke. And no one would play it unless it’s magically some dumb OP champ that changes the meta. Who is going to make the company more money, a fat lard cracking stupid humor, in an obviously forced character, or a pair of tits on a skinny female. In both money-wise and popularity wise, the latter wins. The minority won’t get what they want, and I think they know why.

    • That was stupid and you should feel stupid for it.
      It has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with not every woman in the world looking the same.
      If the idea that not every woman is a board with huge tits grosses you out, you should really reflect on it next time you wonder why girls don’t like you.
      Hint, it’s because you’re a pig with an unrealistic standard of what women are supposed to look like.
      Who cares what you want or what you’d play, anyways. For everyone like you going “EURGH I TAKE PERSONAL OFFENSE TO THEM DOING SOMETHING I DON’T WANT, I’M UP IN ARMS BECAUSE I’M NOT GETTING MY WAY!” there are going to be a hundred others who’re more mature than you and look past the physical.
      I never comment on stuff because I’ve just accepted that people on the internet are universally stupid and it’d be a waste of my effort, but jesus, you took it to a whole new level when you claimed a non-standard depiction of a women was feminist propaganda.
      Please stay in school, you’re going to need all the education you can get.

      • When did I say that I wanted every woman to look the same? You’re using strawmans, as every feminist does.

        I gave pretty solid reasoning. If you want a lore reasoning, it’s because a fat chick won’t outrun a Predator. An older woman won’t stop a Predator. If you want a community-based reasoning, it’s that, one, people play what’s appealing. Neither of those are appealing. If it won’t generate as much money as another character idea, there’s literally no incentive for them to make the character. They’ll keep making cookie cutter decisions in order to keep people happy. You have no idea how business works.

        I specifically that I don’t play female characters, nor do I care about them in general, with their looks, or anything. I was giving people like you, the minority community that seems to think way too highly of themselves, reasons why you won’t get what you want, without it being a reason of MISOGYNY. But hey, apparently if I DON’T find something wrong with something, which only the minority finds problems with, then there’s something wrong with me. You’re a delusional piece of work.

        You speak of maturity, but your post has the structure of a child. Ad hominems, ignoring points I’ve made, and even ignoring that I honestly couldn’t care what they’d bring out, and wouldn’t go making a storm if they didn’t make a different body type. In fact, I encouraged the use of female beasts or monsters, like Anivia, because it’s still basically what you people want.

        Once again, you’re a feminist. You think your opinion is always right, and anyone who disagrees is a ‘pig’ (and good job throwing that word in there, just to make it certain that you weren’t one). You people are disgusting, and while there may be hundreds of people more mature than I am, majority of the human race is more intelligent than you, can create actual arguments that aren’t purely insults that are in no way related to the actual content I posted. Get your head out of your ass.

        You don’t speak like you have an education, so you should probably work on that before telling someone else to.

        • Mr. Srsly,that was really OP what you told,you speak about maturity and other stuff when you are so racist and misogynist,why you think you have the right to say about female characters?are you afraid of getting your favorite champions going to be female versions?or you are a hater of male ppl that play female characters?and speaking of feminism…indeed you may have a education and you may have a brain,but thinking like that and argue about every ppl that makes bad arguments about your comments…how are you different from other ppl…you`re not,because if one idiot say something bad about a thing and you like that comment,so you encourage him,by saying he is right…so after that you keep it that way because your ego is so big,you can`t stay and watch when some1 tell you`r wrong…funny thing is 80% of ppl will be like you…One more thing,i`l not say i`m adult even if i`m 21 years old,i still feel like a kid and i`m proud of it because i feel i`m young and not a serious old guy that is angry of everything and anything,so stay chill and if you don`t like a game or something don`t bother with it anymore.No one obey you to play a game.

          • Dunno what is the problem for both of you. I honestly see nothing wrong with a big booty mama jama scoring penta.

    • I don’t really think this is huge deal.

      Companies like Riot are going to make changes that will satisfy their current customers and potentially attract new ones. To be referring this as a “feminist strikes again” isn’t really appropriate.

      I personally don’t really care about the female body types, (but I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy looking at nice tits and slime body) but having variety in a video game is something that can potentially bring more enjoyment to the game, and even meta changing.

      I think you are taking this way too seriously, lighten up, its a video game and I’m sure majority of people are here to enjoy the game play, not the “fan service” that Riot has given for us male players.

  10. So We gonna get a big Birtha? and a Very large “Helga” who is strong arm…

    if anyone remembers seeing 3 ninjas movie with that “Helga”

  11. Fable 2 prostitutes? Birdo? Gratilda? Queen Slug for a butt? Mother Brain? Therazane? I really don’t think there is a market for any person to play a heavy or ugly female character. I mean a fat ass dude could be a bad ass hero still. I’m sure theres a lot of women out there ready to play a character that makes them feel better because its uglier than her, I remember how well that went with Barbie.

    • Google dota2 legion commander. You can have an armored hero that looks awesome. Maybe shitty LoL can’t do it though. Had to flame sorry:P

      • Not to mention Medusa, Spectre and Phantom Assassin…they are pretty much all fugly or weird looking yet quite badass. Plus Phantom Assassin is also quite popular especially in the lower skill (and newcomers) tiers, so it just proves that you dont have to design a female character with big tits and “high level armor” in order to be appealing.

        • Forgot to add, that Riot finally realise this. But I guess if your focus group has been teenagers, tits and cleavage is probably the quicker way of earning your money instead of developing an interesting lore for the character.


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