Open World MMO The Tale Of Toast Launches Early Access

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Fans of hard core MMOs can now give The Tale of Toast a try. The old-school inspired open world game is finally available to download via Steam.

A Tale of Toast is billed as having an "easy to pick up play style" with open world PvP that focuses on "simple yet tactical" combat. It also offers players the standard features one would expect in an MMO: social features, trade skills, dungeons, and more.

Players can customize their characters to their liking (the game is class-free) and take up several trade skills. They can even choose to focus on specific skills or have a wider range of abilities.

As for content, players can take part in instanced grouped dungeons that scale to the level of the players. The devs also promise quests that focus on quality, meaning there will be less generic quests and instead players will be able to participate in "epic quest chains". Finally, the game world is a single zone. There players will find towns, rural areas, volcanoes, mines, and more.

EDITOR'S NOTE FROM MAGICMAN: The game suffers greatly right now with very long queue times and poor server stability. In attempting to record a First Look, I waited in queues for well over 1 hour and was disconnected and put back in queue again multiple times. The devs are aware of this are have stated they are working on a resolution. We'll be holding off on our First Look until this is resolved. Early Access players be warned.

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Discussion (3)

Megaben 6 years ago
I don't understand why developer keep using stream. (They need make their own download client)

Horus Safira 6 years ago
They re a little team of 2 devs.... :C

namco 6 years ago
game currently has 3 servers and each maxes out at 100 players.... so only 300 people can play the game. most remain logged in so they dont have to sit through a queue.... devs seem to be dumb as bricks in this regards.

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