Gazillion has launched the third character in the “villains” line-up of playable characters in its superhero ARPG. Magneto brings all the “attraction” with him that you’d expect, including being voiced by James Arnold Taylor (Tidus in FFX).

From the Marvel Heroes 2015 official page:

Utilizing his control over all electromagnetism, Magneto has used his powers for many purposes: leader of the Brotherhood, terrorist, and even X-Man. Once a close friend of Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto took a more extreme path against prejudice and used his powers to prove mutantkind’s superiority by any means necessary. Not an unreasonable man by any means, Magneto has been known to work on the side of angels if he feels it will accomplish noble goals and this time is no different.

Magneto will also sport either his classic red colored suit or his “going out on the town” white costume. Marvel Heroes players will be able to unlock Magneto the same way as they do other characters: either use farmed Eternity Splinters or pay $17.99 to unlock the full character bundle that includes both colored costumes and a few other goodies.

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  1. Yeah, it’s sort of like Path of Exile, gets boring ultra quick even the skills and shit don’t help since all you ultimately do in the end is grind… and more grind.. and ever more grind.
    So, people burn out just as ultra quick.

  2. Also saying the only money option to unlock him is 18 bucks is not true. you don’t have to buy the bundle at all. more specifically you can use 400 eternity splinters (and they just revamped their intro system so existing players will get a free 400 splinters and new players will just have to complete story mode once).

    the other option is a cheaper money option to buy (i believe it’s 8 bucks worth of Gs) to unlock him. this article seemed rather uninformed about the game and more of a copy/paste without looking into it or even playing the game.

    • Hey, You’re right about it being the third (which I fixed) but it isn’t Taskmaster (who is considered an antihero these days) it was Venom. I’ll take that correction since I usually don’t think of Venom as a villain much but technically he is.

      However, i didn’t claim the $18 was the ONLY way to get him. I mentioned the Eternity Splinters method of purchase in the article and the cash price point I quote also references that it is for the “full character bundle” which is different than the in-game shop offers that are usually hero only and extras paid for as desired. Not sure what more “research” you would have liked there.


  3. i thought this was the 3rd villain… taskmaster, juggernaught, magneto.

    shrug. still a fun game i’m just burned out on it after about 1100 hours.


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