Orcs Must Die! Unchained 1

Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die! 2 were both hits on the PC, thanks to their hack-and-slash, trap-infested survival modes that saw players take on unending hordes of slavering monsters. Robot Entertainment’s free-to-play multiplayer iteration, Orcs Must Die! Unchained instead focused on a MOBA-like PvP mode — but that will soon be left by the wayside like a poisoned, arrow-riddled troll corpse.

Saying that Siege mode has “missed the mark,” Robot Entertainment today announced that the PvP mode would be removed from OMDU with the game’s next update. The company cited low player numbers for Siege and the difficulty in balancing game elements between Siege and PvE Survival mode — which more resembles classic OMD and OMD2 gameplay and thus was more appealing to the vast majority of players — as major reasons for the change. Robot Entertainment still thinks competitive PvP still has a place in OMDU, but Siege mode “is just not the right fit.”

This shift in the game’s focus will necessitate a reset of all player accounts when the update goes live. All progress will be erased and any real-money currency (gold) will be put back into players’ accounts, with an additional $5 worth of gold being added if players log in within two weeks of the update going live. You can read more about these significant changes on the Orcs Must Die! Unchained website.



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