Robot Entertainment is taking their newest venture to the PlayStation 4. The Orcs Must Die! Unchained MOBA will be headed to Sony’s console in 2015, as announced during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas.

The trailer for the announcement is both comically irreverent and strangely lore-appropriate, as the Warmage explains that while he’s been in the “orc-killing business” for a while, there are suddenly some new “special” people with powers just like his and the Sorceress’s coming onto the scene. Hey, that’s one way to explain your new online sequel!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is currently in closed beta for the PC, and you can register on the game’s website.


  1. I read about this a couple days ago, it’s nice to see more companies taking F2P games to the PS4, so far the F2P games I’ve played on the PS4(War thunder, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution) have been pretty fun, and felt pretty balanced in some cases more so that their PC versions – cough- Blacklight:Retribution-cough, hopefully this and Loadout won’t disappoint.


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