Sound familiar? Yes, we’re talking about the Tad Williams’ novels inspired MMO that was cancelled a while back. Drago Entertainment (of Grimlands fame…or infamy, your choice) has been handed the ball on this previously cancelled project and it seems like they’re wasting no time getting the MMORPG hopeful back into shape.

If you missed the saga that was the original Otherland, the title takes place in a sci-fi setting, has a non targeting combat system in which aiming matters, and boasts Player Housing that allows players to clone creatures from the world by collecting their eDNA.

Drago Entertainment isn’t pulling any punches in the “honesty” category for this first closed beta. They had this to say on their official forums:

This is the first closed beta since we took over Otherland. We know that you will encounter server crashes, downtimes and bugs. We will not lie about that.
That’s not our way and that’s not what we want. This beta is focused on server crashes. Sounds a bit odd, we know. But let us explain why. An MMO is a huge project
with a lot of servers working together to keep the game running. If all of them work correctly we know that we can move forward with the game. This means, we have to be sure that
you will crash the servers. Only with enough data from crashes we can optimize the game and fix the issues you help find.

You heard them! The name of the game is to break the servers.

I was sad to see this project cancelled way back when since I’m a bit of a science fiction buff and rather enjoyed the novels the game is based upon. Here’s to hoping this go around has a much happier ending this time.

If you want to sign up for tomorrow’s beta pay the Otherland website a visit.

UPDATED 11/13/14: Replace video with the new trailer released for beta.

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