Outspark is no more, Fiesta Moves to a New Home

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor February 7, 2013

An astute reader pointing out to us this morning that the official website for Outspark - one of the original Free-to-Play publishers - was no longer directing towards the main website. Upon visiting the site we could indeed confirm that players are no longer directed towards the publisher's game hub. Instead they are now met with a welcome message from Gamigo, a normally EU focused publisher and the ones responsible for publishing Outspark's Fiesta in the EU. According to the welcome message, Gamigo is now responsible for Fiesta in both the EU and US.

After digging around for more info we found a post on Facebook from Outspark's PR with the following response:

"So now that's it's official I can tell you that Outspark did indeed have an exit on Friday, and Gamigo acquired our largest franchise, Fiesta Online. An amazing ending to one of the founders of the free-to-play MMO space."

As of now, the only game moving over from Outspark is Fiesta. Gamigo reassured Fiesta players by letting them know that almost nothing will change. For US players, they will need to wait just a bit for the server transfer to take place and will only need to download a small patch on their end. Those who had Sparkcash will be happy to hear Gamigo has transferred the currency and made it available to use in all their other NA games.

No details were given on why Outspark had to close up shop.

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009.

Discussion (62)

Funtimes 8 years ago
Yeah, lets shut all of them down. Sooner or later we won't have anything to play.

UberHackerNova 9 years ago
if your being abused by a player GM, you have to take a screenshot, and send it in as a violation of TOS, if they refuse to instate your character when you have grounds, you can persue legal action including but not limited to theft due to loss of character, pain and suffering from losing your avatar that you spent time and effert on, at the rate of min wage to hours played, as well as challange the gamigo website, since its there responsibility. if actions continue this way i ASSURE you gamigo will CEASE to function.

aww 9 years ago
great now i have to go back to those gm's at gamigo pff last time i played gamigo fiesta the gm's just started pissing people off for no reason even adding a prison wtf realy how screwed up is that how is thisismyweakest name agiantst the rules? its just a name people with there problems with names today who cares your name is screwu besides so many languages out there it might have been scre wu to them lol and they simply get thrown into prison some dont even get out great way to promote your game then your finaly lvl 60 and you get thrown into prison and never getting out for the smallest reason like disagreeing with the gm is it realy needed to dictate everything in games but then agian people wil always abuse there rights for there own desires

Werp 9 years ago
Thank you Gamigo for not taking Project powder along with Fiesta. First I disliked that company, now I hate them.

RoddRiguez 9 years ago
R.I.P in pieces

Duplakappa 9 years ago
Ok. NEXON AMERICA AND EUROPE have to die and soon, not because their games are bad(maplestory) but because their service sucks i mean they took too much to made MS compatible with windows 8 while others non-popular games where already prepared. JOYMAX has to die too because they turn good games to greedy games (pay to win) like digimon masters but why aeria? i played SMT Imagine before moving to atlus online and it was a good service, i never had any problem with the game.

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Shadoon 9 years ago
I'm a Fiesta player and I was actually glad to know that Fiesta wasn´t going bye-bye.
We all know Outspark just shut down, but, does anyone know why did it REALLY shut down?

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james 9 years ago
ok let's make this CLEAR publishers like outspark ect only publishes ,the game developers make the games. and i found out by a GM that project powder died Because the developer's didn't give it new content or bug fixes. which was studio blue cat. Blame them for the down fall for project powder not outspark!. project powder and Luvinia Where great games.

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Cinder Lord 9 years ago
Honestly this isn't really surprising, I mean the game wasn't getting any new players, and most those who did star new didn't play for long.

mrcoolaid 9 years ago
well if you didnt no outspark and a few other mmo publishers and EA have being sued by Parallel Networks, LLC maybe thats why they shut shop :D

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Ombra 9 years ago

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turtleback 9 years ago
This company was going nowhere anyway. None of their games are note worthy.I remember for a straight week all of their games we the top voted games on MMOhut. Could have been an exploit by Outspark.

sdfsdfsd 9 years ago
the only game i liked from them was Darkblood, that they shut down a few months ago. PW should die next

Xerlleon 9 years ago
Thank you MMOBomb team for covering this and giving us all the latest info :D

Sad day though, one of the original free-to-play publishers has closed down.

WellThatEscalatedQuickly 9 years ago
Companies which need to go!

1) Nexon
2) Aeria
3) gPotato
4) Joymax (Silkroad 2 ain't coming out :( )
5) Gamigo

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Masakan 9 years ago
Outspark was flatout bad. Only game I was interested in they hosted was project powder it was so full of bugs and glitches it was practically unplayable. I moved on to freejack but hopefully another company will pick it up.

Gpotato isn't "Bad" They are just really expensive. Unreasonably so in fact.

longtimegamer 9 years ago
Outspark gone. 1 down 5 to go. Gpotato is NEXT!

all the bad host need to be destroyed

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Outrageously Funny 9 years ago
This is what happens when you half-ass services over a long period of time. People get sick of your crap and your business fails. I find it downright hilarious since I seen this coming from a mile away. Now if only Nexon and Aeria can suffer the same fate--F2P games might be able to actually move forward as a result.

Phoenix 9 years ago
I just got this mail 4 minutes ago... talk about a coincidence.

Outspark was the fist company i ever played an mmo from over 5 years ago being fiesta even though u were a crappy company i will miss you

heebeegeebee 9 years ago
+1 on the Secret of the solstice was fun for when it was made but all in all glad to see them out the door they have put out some really crap games and taken far too many players money.

Yuen 9 years ago
It's about time, I thought Outspark was awful. My only favorite MMO from them was Secret of the Solstice.

Desert Fox 9 years ago
Lol I forgot about that shit game back in the 2000s

TheStealthyOne 9 years ago
Am I the only one whos sad about this? I mean Outspark was one of the founding companys of F2P. A company we should thank for opening F2P MMOs 2 us:\

Inflictious 9 years ago
Well Outspark ..as i once said to IjjI , It's beanfun !

rupert 9 years ago
About damn time! *crossing fingers that gpotato goes next* PUblishers like this are just quick cash sponges who destroy potentially good games one after the next. Hope they went bankrupt too.

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matt 9 years ago
finally, outspark kept pulling out stupid games that felt and played like the other 10. mmos are turning into a stupid platform of gaming.

ZhaoYun 9 years ago
ok i quess thats umm a good or bad thing?idk not really familiar with the company "that much" so alright cool lol

WildStyle* 9 years ago
Good BYE! Outspark did indeed have some good game, but most of them were left in the dirt to rot...Like Project powder? was it called like that? I really like that game, but it didn't have any content at all...

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Unmarked 9 years ago
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG, gamigo needs to stay focused on Soul Master instead of these unnecessary games.

Cacalips 9 years ago
Poor Gamigo, I was with them until they removed Black Prophecy. IDiot move. They are not bad as far as publishing, questionable, but not bad, but the population in almost all their games = 0. I was the only player logged in to War of Angels one day, and had a GM do cool things with me LOL! Poor company. Sadly, they are the victims of consumers. To many people in the flashy fail end game games, while they provide a solid experienve start to end, but just need the numbers and interest.

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Cacalips 9 years ago
Webzen inherited Gala publisher of Allods LOL, all these greedy P2W are dying! I love it!

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Marto 9 years ago
Too many games. Outspark just kept publishing and publishing stuff not enough people cared about.

Okofire 9 years ago

dagudman 9 years ago
I can't say this surprised me the slightest.

xIO 9 years ago
Pretty neat

zajebistypl 9 years ago
Ok... ?

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