Overwatch 2 Gives Overview Of What Goes Into Competitive Matchmaking, Introduces New Team Competitive Queue

Matchmaking is something all games continually need to improve.

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Overwatch team queue competitive mode

Season 5 is underway in Overwatch 2, and the immediate future holds improvements to competitive play. Blizzard is looking at making matchmaking updates, bringing back a popular ranked game mode, and finding the best way for friends of different skill levels to play together.

Your Overwatch 2 MMR is adjusted after every match, with three key pillars:

1.) What is your skill rating compared to your opponents?

2.) How new are you to Overwatch 2?

3.) How often do you play that specific competitive mode?

In most cases, Overwatch 2 can get a broad understanding of a player's skill level in as little as five games, but can still see their tier and division change frequently as they begin to play more and more games.

Going into Season 5 Overwatch 2 has more players in the Grandmaster ranking than ever before, a fact they attribute to the game being free-to-play.

As far as grouping with your friends, Overwatch 2 is introducing a new Team Queue as a mid-season competitive mode. There will be no restrictions on MMR. Your Team Queue skill MMR will be determined separately from your regular MMR. Team Queue will be locked to one tank, two damage, and two support heroes, so you'll need to plan in advance who is going to play what. This will be a limited time mode meant for testing and will arrive on July 11th.

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