With the release of the OB54 Paladins update on Wednesday, Hi-Rez studios will introduce a new champion: Lian, Scion of House Aico. Lian is a rifle-wielding damage champion with some sniping ability.

Thanks to her sniping ability, Lian is able to fight both up close and at a distance — although only one ability really allows for ranged shots. That would be the [Q] ability: Presence, which allows the player to charge their rifle for 0.5 seconds before firing a long range shot, piercing enemies and dealing 800 damage. Her other abilities include [LMB] Heirloom Rifle, [RMB] Valor, and [F] Grace. The first deals 400 damage to a single enemy every .45 seconds at a medium range. The second, Valor, is a charged shot that deals 400 damage to all enemies in front of the player. Finally, Grace allows the player to dodge in the direction they are moving while firing a shot dealing 400 damage to the closet enemy in the direction they’re aiming.

Lian’s [E] ability, Enlightenment, grants damage and CC immunity for a second before firing a massive blast that passes through all enemies in its way dealing 1600 in damage.

Of course, as always, Lian isn’t the only thing to arrive in OB54. A full run down on the patch, including Champion tweaks and new customization options, can be found on the Paladins forums.

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  1. Not really sniping in Paladins is rather easy, the game gives too much leeway for headshots, you don’t have to be super accurate, just just have to be in the general area


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