The latest Paladins update brings a wide variety of quality of life changes for players, the first of them being allowing players to select the card they want during crafting. Previous to this, card crafting was random with the exception of selecting the rarity. Now, players can choose the actual card they want to make.

Also added is a daily login bonus that increases daily and gives players crystals at the end of the week.

Changes have been made to maps and Spectator mode — with an all new Skirmish Arena being added. For more details on the update, check out the video above and hit up the patch notes on the Paladins forums.

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  1. KaiLuvsChu on May 29, 2016

    Most heroes feel directly copied from Overwatch. They even changed Evie from a teleporting character to a character a lot like Mei…

  2. Nauron on May 28, 2016

    Paladins is great but it has a long path in its way to become a successful competitor to the other team based fps games across the gaming community.

  3. zabi on May 25, 2016

    The cards are stupid soo are the game modes and some champs.

  4. Koutsu on May 24, 2016

    Shame about the comments so far. Each to their own though. The games fun, played it and got a friend in with me, nice for quick short games really, drawn out games just aren’t meant for character shooters I think. Nice that they’re balancing things out, taking feedback though the card crafting wasn’t all that bad really. Hopefully having to keep make changes to how the cards are used won’t take priority from the rest of the needed features.

  5. Jafarson on May 24, 2016

    game is so testeless… stupid idea of ugly characters… tree with axe, dragon with tech wings and nade laucher… stupid abilities

  6. tralala on May 23, 2016

    WHat a shit game, who cares about this poop!

    • Cyril on May 25, 2016

      People that play it care about it, shut your ass up!

      • LOL on May 25, 2016

        people that cant admit the game is shit and wont survive.

      • anticriminal on May 25, 2016

        Brainlses moron read comments everywhere , only brainded nerds pay to win for shits like this one, COPY/PASTE game, PAY FOR NEW BRAIN better and you can find same shitty games in web for free!