Palia Celebrates Its Launch On Steam Today With a Very Big Frog

All that wishlisting grew Frogbert to five times his original size.

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Palia Steam

It’s official. Today, Palia is available on Steam. The cozy MMO from Singularity 6, previously only available through its own launcher or Nintendo Switch launched on Valve’s platform in a big way. The game’s launch on the platform coincides with the release of its most recent update, patch .178. Although, some may not consider that the biggest news. There is the giant Frogbert. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of players who wishlisted the game on Steam prior to its launch, the Frogbert plush is now five times the size he started out as. And everyone who logs into the game via Steam will get one of their own.

As for the update itself, it introduces a new exploreable area: the Temple of The Roots. That means new adventures and new rewards – including the Galdur Seed Maker. The update also implements the ability to curate flowers and trees, giving players the ability to effectively build gardens. This begins with collecting flower seeds dropped by insects – or plant seeds from trees, which can then be planted and watered until they grow into a pretty garden.

Other features added in this update are the ability to rebind controllers as well as a wedding feature.

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