Yet another hero has joined the ranks of Paragon. As part of update 27.1, the melee fighter Khaimera has been introduced. Khaimera is a duelist that can be used to isolate and eliminate solo Heroes. He boasts a Spirit Regeneration ability that gives him Health Regen during basic attacks, as well as Ambush which lets him close in on enemy Heroes. His Ultimate roots the target while pushing their allies away.

Another addition in this update is the latest offering in weekly card packs which includes the Madstone Gem, Hunter’s Guile, and Curse of the Leech.

paragon cards

As always, there are also a variety of nerfs, buffs, and general quality of life changes that you can read about in the official patch notes.

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  1. to bad they made it a moba šŸ™ game looks soo good…. if they have made a warframe pve/pvp style game whit this graphics…. INSTA TOP 10 MMO TILL 2020!

    • Nope not worth it, card system is terrible, gameplay is generic and characters are very uncreative. Game looks pretty and that is the only redeeming factor.


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