The latest update for Epic Game’s free-to-play team shooter Paragon adds a new Hero to the ranks. Serath is a melee carry that can swap out lower damage ranged attacks for ones that are a bit more up close but have the benefit of increased damage and mobility. She features an aerial attack that allows her to catch fleeing enemies by divebombing them.

In addition to the new hero, this update also implements major bug fixes for Lt. Belica and the Gold Buff as well as shifts the surrender time down to 15 minutes. Players can also pick up a new card pack featuring the Impact Hammer, Thirstfang, and Sage’s Ward cards.

To read about the update in full, head over to the Paragon site.

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  1. This game is fun, but the playerbase are garbage, they literally retards. A few times i played PvP and one dude wont stop coming under the tower to kill me. It was funny free frag XD But most they disconnect after a few death. And hard to take a match alone.

  2. o chase you forgot GuildWars2 which is pretty active and has been since launch and especialy for new players has hundreds of hours of gameplay and lvling in any mode you want. to be fair the games lvl cap is 80 and the game pretty much starts when you get to 80 i can definitely recommend this game

  3. as a gamer that tried out pretty much every moba there is paragon looks good but as far as gameplay goes it is definitely not as far as dota2. Which is in my eyes the best moba around as it brings a reall challenge , good graphics, alot of heroes which are all available from the start and just decent gameplay in general eventhough with the latest patch the totaly turned the game into a LoL clone which feel more like a downgrade it still is the best moba around. and so far Paragon needs more then just 1 map and a few heroes but it’s a start

  4. Good animation but its brainless one map boredom, copy paste shitty moba! 0 creativiti, trying to cashgrab like lots with these braindead nmobas.Moba = gtfo iq zero!

    • It just Evil greed from the developer. I think that why the player-base from most MMO Games are deserted like a ghost town. It really not worth it nowadays to play MMO games. ( Only a Few well Active MMO Games)
      I recommended trying out the few popular games
      Option::Team fortress 2, Final Fantasy XIV, World of warcraft, Elder Scroll online, League of legend

    • Paragon is actually better then any other mobas i played.
      I played LoL got bored aftter 30 mins, played Smite got bored after few hours.
      Tried Paragon, but i have 30+ hours of gameplay so far.


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