After a year of testing, feedback, and more, Epic Games has announced the Monolith Update. This update — arriving December 6 — will implement a lot of changes designed to deliver a “faster, more visceral gameplay experience.”

The update will make changes to map size, lane structure, and general gameplay — including tweaks to movement speed, ability speed, attack execution speed, and game lethality. Vast changes have also been made to how damage, armor, health, and mana work — changes so big that exact values won’t appear in the final patch notes.

Other changes include removing (almost completely) Cooldown Reduction as a stat, making mana more valuable, and re-balancing EVERY Hero in the game.

The full rundown of the impressive amount of changes coming in the Monolith Update can be found in the massive post on the Epic Games site.

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  1. This game is so slow and boring. I have big hopes, but the graphics blind me. The game could be cool, but really slow and painful to play down a match. The card system is useless. Some heroes skill too. I gave up, after a few hours.

  2. Complaining that there is no rpg progression in a moba has to be one of the stupidest comments I have read on this website. Paragon is a bad game compared to other mobas because it’s so SLOOOOOOW the only people I know that still play it are console players that never played a pc moba so they don’t know how bad Paragon really is compared to LoL or Dota.

  3. For now its just another copy paste moba, one map pvp boredom, progression is useless when u get all cards you need, 0 rpg elements, card system is almost same for all classes, i like to play but after few matches im out, i like games with rpg elements, here is nothing, its always the same boring moba like plenty around. Better they make something new or unreal singleplayer game not just copy paste.I quit playing at all few weeks ago, there is nothing to do!

    • MOBA is not for you than and there is nothing to do for you personal in MOBA genera. Paragon looks and plays different from other MOBAs. I don’t say its too innovative and shit but it’s clearly different.

      There is an objectively bad thing about Paragon (and the reason i decided to drop it). The slow pace. It seems they are trying to change it and that’s cool. Worth revisiting.


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