Already done with all of The Awakening content Grinding Gear Games added to their free-to-play ARPG Path of Exile? Then it’s probably great news for you that today the curtain was pulled back on the next expansion for the dungeon crawler. Ascendancy will release in early 2016 and bring some brand new elements of PvE gameplay to your travels. Fight your way through the new Lord’s Labyrinth while facing off against Emperor Izaro multiple times and in many forms. Monsters won’t be your only challenge here though as Ascendancy introduces new traps and puzzles for players to work their way through and an all new system to randomize the layout of the labyrinth every single day.

New skills also come with the expansion but in addition, new enchantments and 19 new Ascendancy classes will be released each with their own skill trees to master. This doesn’t even touch on the new weapons and Divination Cards (some that were created by players) that will come early next year.

Don’t just sit and wait for the expansion though as 2015 still has the 2.1.0 content and Talisman update being added on December 11th.

Check out all the specifics for the expansion on the new Ascendancy website.

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    • Can’t see another beta happening outside the next act patch (act 5)…all they really need to do in this is make sure the area generation works properly , even then they have 3 or 4 months to generate as many areas as possible and find the problem combinations.
      Then maybe tweak the balance a bit on some things.

  1. Some of the ascendancy passive are crazy, i’ve rarely got this exited about a game in years but going through some of the ascendancy passive… i am excited, very excited, more than i was for the awakening.

    I see this and there is game changing stuff already, we haven’t even seen the full range of classes yet and there is still the skills and support gems to be revealed.
    Hell some of the ones coming out on the 11th of December look good

    • The devs are just so damn good! I wish all devs were like them. If this game had open maps rather than being all alone in instances if you’re not in a party I would love it even more tbh.


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