If you’re having a hard time clearing the toughest safehouses in Path of Exile‘s last expansion, Betrayal, you’re not alone. Today, Grinding Gear Games showed off some statistics regarding clear rate for the various tiers of safehouses in a forum post. Suffice it to say, the Immortal Syndicate is pretty good at guarding its greatest secrets.

Before the expansion hit, Grinding Gear Games estimated that 7.48% of safehouse runs would be for Mastermind’s Lairs. In reality, the number is only 3.83%, which GGG finds “concerning.” This disparity is due to not-wholly-unexpected reasons: the danger of the encounter, the time it takes, and the general lack of rewards. In the toughest Betrayal leagues, the numbers are even worse, with Mastermind’s Lairs being run only run 1.14% of the time.

GGG also provided a chart that showed the relative percentage of players completing achievement benchmarks of 12 (24.26%), 24 (6.19%), and 36 (1.08%) for the latest league, each of which needed a cosmetic reward.

All this data collection serves a purpose; not only will it help GGG plan future PoE leagues but also help them tweak things if Betrayal content ever becomes part of the core game. Seeing as how they did just that with content from the previous bunch of expansions, I’d say it’s a pretty fair bet that will be the case.

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