Grinding Gear Games is preparing for the next update to their free-to-play game Path of Exile. Titled Prophecy, the update will include a standard and hardcore version of the Prophecy Challenge League. Each version of the league has a self-contained economy and gives players a new way to show what they’re made of.

In order to participate in the Prophecy League, players will need to visit Navali the Karui Soothsayer and throw some silver — earned by killing a specific monster in each area — her way. In return she’ll offer a prophecy to be fulfilled.

The various prophecies will affect specific locations within the game, altering the landscape or requiring specific conditions be met. Some of them will be multi-part events requiring one stage to be unlocked before another can be accessed.

As is normal with most updates, this one also comes with a variety of changes and additions, ranging from unique items to new skills to balance changes. Full details on each of these can be found on the PoE forums.

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  1. The only problem i have with that game is the lvling process to maps. After running all difficulties like 100 times I’m so bored of it. I would even pay to get an instant lvl 60 character…

  2. I am always surprised at how much GGG adds to this game.

    They definitely come up with some really neat ideas that keep leagues fresh. Some leagues are insanely difficult and feel like you’re playing dark souls on steroids (on hardcore, at least), some leagues are “lootsplosion” leagues and are for testing a wide range of builds.

    It’s just a shame that no matter how much they add to the game, the game suffers from the fact that I’ve played pretty much every build and have been to high level maps at least 50 times (50 level 80+ chars) so it will inevitably get boring after a few weeks in a new league.

    I’m waiting on GGG to make a MMORPG, they would make an AMAZING RPG that would likely resemble DAOC.


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