Path of Exile‘s latest expansion, Blight, is just about ready to hit live servers — and may have already done so by the time you read this. It brings with it a new league, which will see exiles playing a kind of tower-defense mini-game, a new way to buff your gear and builds, better support for minions, and new archetypes. We covered many of the details in our interview/preview last month, so check that out if you’re still downloading or in a queue.

Done with that and want more? OK, how about the lengthy development manifesto, posted earlier this week, that laid out Grinding Gear Games’ plans for pretty much everything under the sun — which rarely shines in Wraeclast, granted — in Blight. If you’re wondering how all those fancy new oils that you get from completing Blight events will work, here’s the very long table laying out all the various combinations.

If you’re not into reading, you can check out video descriptions of Blight challenge rewards or new mine skills, and even microtransactions like music for your hideout and the loot boxes that you’ll be able to purchase in Blight. You can even wear two helmet attachments at once, which sounds weird unless you actually have two heads. If you do, that’s fine; everyone is beautiful in their own way.


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