Path of Exile‘s upcoming Expansion 3.13.0 will be revealed next Thursday, Jan. 7 at 11 a.m. Pacific, in an exclusive livestream on the PoE Twitch channel. Chris Wilson explained that the reveal will be done this way instead of via the usual press tours (which result in articles like this) because players have asked to get that kind of information direct from Grinding Gear Games — though we’d wager that the expansion’s delay, combined with the holiday break, probably also contributed to this new approach.

In the announcement, Wilson said that he will “reveal almost everything” about the expansion, including new end-game content, a new challenge league, new skills, items, and new gems “in action alongside its tooltip with an explanation of its mechanics.” Not every topic will be covered, “For the sake of brevity,” but a Q&A with chat will follow the live presentation.

Viewers can also take advantage of Twitch drops, with rewards yet to be determined. While the video presentation will be in English, the individual videos that comprise it will include subtitles for the language of your choice. Announcement pages in all the usual languages — Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Thai, and Korean — will follow the presentation.

UPDATE: A previous version of this article listed the date of the reveal as “Wednesday, Jan. 7.” It’s still on the 7th, but that’s Thursday, not Wednesday. We apologize for the error.

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