Path Of Exile: Lake Of Kalandra's Mirrored Tablets Will Not Become A Core Mechanic When League Ends

Grinding Gear Games will delete existing Mirrored Tablets when it's over, so use them soon.

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Lake of Kalandra Expansion

The ongoing Lake of Kalandra League in Path of Exile will end soon. Moreover, the Mirrored Tablets and Lake function in the League will not become a core mechanic in POE when it's over. Grinding Gear Games also notified players that all "existing Mirrored Tablets will be deleted" at the end of the League, so now would be a great time to use them.

The devs updated fans through a blog on the POE website, referencing in the beginning that the Kalandra League was "extended for a few weeks." As of now, there isn't a date on when Kalandra ends, but Grinding Gear will announce the exact timing soon. What is clear is that the League mechanic is getting dropped "for now," making the ever-changing Lake disappear for however long. The devs say they "may bring the Lake of Kalandra mechanic back in some form in the future," but they have no current plans for it.


Player reception to the news on the blog is a mixed bag of "RIP Kalandra," "I thought building the tablets was fun," and "this league really killed the hype and intrigue behind the iconic mirror of Kalandra and who that character is." One highlighted a great point about the absence of another core mechanic addition, urging the devs to revive "some of the old ones in the next league." Some sourly mentioned how the Kalandra mechanic "fell short" and was "only fun when you get what you need."

Regardless, most players were unhappy about the Kalandra League overall. The League has suffered from player backlash and efforts trying to make it all come together. Hopefully, the next big League trumps what Kalandra presented.

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