Path of Exile’s got a new expansion coming out on Aug. 20, and now it’s got some sweet new trailers to go with it!

Revel in the blood and gore of the Forsaken Masters trailer and get ready for a bunch of new, heart-rending action, from general combat upgrades to hideout customization, upgraded crafting, and unique missions from the seven masters themselves, who you’ll encounter during your travels in Wraeclast. There are also 16 new unique items, some of which can only be obtained in the new Challenge Leagues.

Is your body ready for the new Path of Exile expansion?


  1. Repetetive boring game, where all the time u run to sell tonns of loot, too much useless items, skill system is so bad and complicated armor /weap[on upgrade system sux too, to skill up right u need to google and read alot. this game is total waste of time

    • Because MMORPGS are not grindfesting game to get the better gear .
      Because in most mmo’s you dont need to farm 100000 mob or repeat a quest 1000 over a day or ever day to get that reputation 😛 Dont get me wrong just making the point that the whole MMO ganre is more or less grindfest with some like maplestory witch is awesome game being an almost full grindfest and the game is awesome .
      For one i love complicated systems , it really makes you diffrent not like in most games where you copy paste build and you are good . You pick your strengths and weakness not someone else , you might want that dmg over that life or ressist or something else .

      And because the system is complicated does not mean you have to google , you have to test , you fail a chracter or two , but after that you know what to do . I usually go back to town one time a zone , very rare twice , and on maps up to 3-4 depends on luck , but you are for loot there , cant whine if you are getting 😛 .

      Overall conclusion is you did not play enough MMOS or you hate the Ganre or you just like to whine 😛 I’m fine with the first two , but the third is sad . Have a nice day and dont spam on games you are not even interested so you can just have that post of hate you want attention on .

  2. Best game in the genre , alongside with diablo 3 ofcourse not to get the hate 😀 Have both play both .
    But if you want the power to customize this is the game 🙂
    Everyone that does not want to be a fighter with a sword or a archer with bow or mage with fireball , should become a fighter with firestorm or archer with Two hander sword or mage with fists 😀 The choice is yours 😛 (just dont avoid those survivabilty nodes 😀 )


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