Not too long ago (Just a week ago), Pearl Abyss announced a major change to its — at the time — battle royale game. On January 14th, they revealed that Shadow Arena would be making a shift from the game mode to team-based 3v3 combat. As part of this shift they also announced a change in hero roles, restricting them to three kinds.

As it turns out, that also means making actual changes to the heroes themselves. So, today, the dev team revealed a rework of the youngest disciple of Enslar, Venslar. Under the new system, Venslar is a Support hero with a wide selection of options for damage. She still has the ability to switch stances, and the Courage stance has remained the same. However, the Patience stance has seen changes in the form of new Support skills.

These skills include the ability to build a holy wall around Venslar that provides a defensive buff to all nearby teammates. Also added is a chargeable healing and speed-boosting wave that helps teammates. And, on the offensive side of things, another ability targets enemies from a long distance, knocking them to the ground and stunning them. And yes, it also heals Venslar’s teammates.

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