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Big changes are coming to the Arc website(s), designed to bring players “closer to everything” they want from Arc games. Aside from an aesthetic change, Perfect World has revealed that it will be adjusting the site layout, displaying important information such as overviews, trailers, screenshots and more in a prominently visible way to give players all the information they’ll need before making the decision to install a game.

The new layout will also give players access to the most up-to-date information on each of Arc’s available games, such as events and content updates. Navigation is also being improved, with changes to the following:

  • Games List – Previously the games list was placed on the left side of the client. Now, there is a library budget that is conveniently placed at the bottom left. This removes some of the clutter from the main client and brings you to your library immediately.
  • Previously Loaded Game – When clicking home, Arc 3.0 will bring you to your most recently played game, getting you back into the action as soon as possible.
  • Arc Profile – Your Arc profile is now viewable on the left column of the Arc client and conveniently shows your available Arc Points.
  • Redeem Code – In the previous version of Arc, we had a redeem code function available in the main menu. With our community growing and our teams giving items out via our social media pages, the team created an easier method to redeem codes on Arc by including a button on our games’ homepages.

Finally, the new layout will introduce a new system called “Arc Quests.” These will allow players to participate in daily quests and earn Arc Points as rewards. These points can then be transferred to a game of the player’s choice.



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