Perfect World Entertainment is working on a new game. Or, more specifically, it’s hiring a “Live Producer to manage a game from pre-alpha all the way to launch and beyond.” If that’s not a signal for a new game, I’m not sure what is.

The job description on the PWE careers page calls for all the usual skills and experience: proven leadership, product management skills, business and technical savvy, analytic capabilities, and so forth. There’s nothing in the description that precisely spells out what type of game the new hire would be working on, though one of the listed requirements is “Understanding of micro-transaction/virtual currency-based business models.” As if you thought any new game wouldn’t have microtransactions!

Seeing as how PWE is hiring someone to lead the game starting in its “pre-alpha” state, that likely means we’re several years away from launch. It’s also unclear as to whether the new game will be developed by Perfect World itself or one of its subsidiary developers, Cryptic Studios or Echtra Games. Oops, didn’t mean to include that second one, though the “Who Are We?” part of the job description still lists Echtra as part of PWE. It’s only been a few days, so we’ll cut them some slack.


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