Perfect World may be making a move toward becoming a private company. As reported by GamesIndustry, the company’s founder, Michael Yufeng Chi, has submitted a proposal to acquire all “outstanding shares…not currently owned by him [Chi].” The proposal will be examined by three independent directors and resolved sometime early in the coming year.

What would this mean for Perfect World and its games? That’s highly open to speculation, and shouldn’t automatically be considered a bad thing (or a good thing). Considering the lackluster quarter PWE had recently, a little bit of restructuring might be in order. Here’s hoping it doesn’t negatively impact its games or the people who work for them.


  1. I doubt any major changes take place. the company runs the same and shareholders may make suggestions but only the CEO can decide changes.

  2. Perfect World has a lot of potential, their game line up is great but their cash shop policies are questionable. I doubt that will change any time soon since it’s a cultural thing, Asian MMO’s tend to lean towards pay to win games from what I understand..

  3. While this may be wishful thinking, I really do hope that if this does go through that they give their games a little more attention and perhaps become less p2w. (I’m looking at you Swordsman Online.)

  4. If they become private, I could see a possible rework of their games (for better or worse) about how they do cash shops and subs.
    Just maybe……..we can see some hope for their games, to be not so p2w or p2p.

  5. I hope PERFECT WORLD will be Ok with this and mouve on.In my opinion PERFECT WORLD make the best free to play game always PERFECT 9( this is just my opinion )and BLIZARD should learn from this guys

    • WTF did i just read from you? did you just say blizzard should learn from this guys? read a little bit the current F2P game from blizzard is even better than those P2W games from Perfect World

    • I am a corporate shill whose lips are permanently glued to PERFECT WORLD’S ass. In my opinion PERFECT WORLD is the best, always the best because I am a SHEEP( this is just my corporate shill opinion) and EVERYONE should disregard what I say because I perform fellatio for PERFECT WORLD Ceo Micheal Yufeng Chi for fun and profit.


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