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Though there’s yet to be any official word — which will probably include language like “restructuring to better position ourselves for a competitive marketplace” — it appears that Perfect World has been hit hard by a wave of layoffs this week.

MassivelyOP is reporting that the layoffs, called a “slaughter” by some involved, occurred yesterday and accounted for 18 people at Cryptic Studios alone. Champions Online is reportedly in a form of “maintenance mode,” while former City of Heroes lead designer Matt Miller was among those let go, though he found time to plug the Hex $100k tournament on his way out the door.

Perfect World is working on another, “top secret” project, which apparently hasn’t been affected by the layoffs, but MassivelyOP’s source — who is still employed — admits to a “somber” feel around the office. We’ll update this piece as we hear more confirmed news.


  1. i have played for 5 years now, pwi has gone threw many changes. some good, some bad. it gets harder and harder to make coins in game, even if you put dollars in to it. 3 years ago i had great gear, now i have some what good gear. it gets harder and harder to keep up with gear and coins when the games changes alot. i like some of the old ways but the expantions do help keep the game going

  2. Nobody gives a fck… PWE deserves to go down and I hope it will eventually. Money grabbing shit company with the worst ever community support…

    • People are realizing company’s such as PWE are a bunch of money hungry devs who make/publush crap games while doing everything they can to nickle and dime you to death less people play their crap so they are loosing money less money means they can’t pay their employees instead of listening to the gaming community on what makes them happy they’d rather lay off people to save what money they do have instead of fixing their crap


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