Perfect World International is turning eight and the PWI team is ready to celebrate. With this in mind, they’ve lined up a month’s worth of events, giveaways, and prizes — starting with a special “Bartering Event”. This event will give players a way to unload some of their items — including bound items and free up some much needed item space.

To participate in the Bartering Event, players will need to pay close attention to the forums. Each week, the PWI team will create threads listing items available for barter as well as what item is needed from the players in order to begin bartering for it. Players with the needed item — or one equal to it — may put it up for barter. After making the initial bid with the required item, players can try to improve on it by offering better items until bidding has closed. It’s important to note players should only bid items they’re willing to give up.

A full list of rules as well as when bidding sessions will take place is available on the PWI blog.



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