Perfect World Entertainment announced today that its free-to-play flagship MMO, Perfect World International, will be receiving its largest expansion to date. The 12th expansion for the game — titled Elysium — will introduce a homestead building system that is completely customizable, as well as a max level, 10-player instance.

Also included in the update will be weekly cross-server PvP tournaments in which players can earn major rewards. Called Uncharted Paradise, this instance takes place in an area once inhabited by a thriving village that was destroyed and divided into seven pieces of land after the world was flooded. Players must team up with others and complete seven trials — meaning kill seven bosses — in order to take the next step to becoming a true Celestial.

More information on the update can be found on the Perfect World site.


  1. How is this game still alive? I used to play it, like 7-8 years ago. Was fun back then. I tried to rejoin like last year, too see how it was holding up. But it seems like everything is money-controlled.


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